Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trust Lab

4:45pm - Susie tells 2 mutual friends that she's pregnant and asks them not to tell anyone else.

5:32pm- I get a text from one of the people she told:
friend -"s*** man, did susie tell you?"
me - "no. what?"
friend- "idk if i can tell's really serious..."
me- "tell me!!"
friend - "you can't tell anyone ok???"
me- "yeah ok tell me!
friend- "she's definitely having a kid!"

8:15- I text the other person Susie told about her "pregnancy".
me- "hey, have you talked to Susie today?"
friend- "yeah i was at Krankies with her earlier. why?"
me- "idk i talked to her a few minutes ago and she sounded really weird"
friend- "maybe she's tired or something. we have a huge project to do for calc for tomorrow so she's probably just stressing"

It took all of 10 minutes to get our first friend to tell me about Susie's fake baby even though she'd asked her specifically not to say anything about it. Things weren't looking so great for trust at that point. After I talked to the other friend later however, the result was more reassuring. Knowing whether you can trust someone or not is an important part of finding out if you really want to be friends with that person. Through this lab, you can see that some people have an issue keeping gossip to themselves, but others aren't tempted to share that same news when they know they aren't supposed to. You can't lable our generation as one that can't be trusted because even though one friend couldn't keep a secret, the fact that the other friend didn't tell shows that trust is based on each person's own personal opinion on keeping promises.


  1. I like this lab because it's so true. I mean, I struggle, and sadly usually don't succeed, at keping things to myself.

    -Johannah Miller

  2. This is a very good lab, you were very creative with your idea!

    -Christina Brooke

  3. Haha, that's really funny. -The Sheriff

  4. this was my favorite lab, great idea!

  5. I guess it kind of shows who's the closer friend, To me anyways. I mean, a friend that means more to you wouldn't be so quick to reveal such an intimate secret.

  6. It's so important to be able to trust a friend. Creative lab=)

  7. I think this was a really good way to demonstrate trust in people our age-and older. It's creative and very true!
    Kim Idol :)

  8. you guys are wonderful. Very creative, wonderfully produced, and great analysis. I like the original way you approached your labs and I like what you found out about your community. Thanks for the creative and wonderful work. Whoot! Excellent.