Sunday, October 18, 2009

Social Capital Poem

Social Capital, influence, reputation

Connections to neighbors, family and strangers

The way we rely on one another, and

How often we speak to each other,

A network of people in business and recreation

Sharing ideas and gaining information,

Have bonds, over time, been broken?

Have some neighbors not even spoken?

Some in a desperate need for success

May cling to a personal loneliness,

Most Families no longer eat together,

Most neighbors no longer casually discuss the weather,

Over time, our community has come to this,

What will it become if this problem is dismissed?

A world where if you’ve fallen down,

Although there will be quite a crowd,

Not one face will have turned to see

A little social capital is all you need

Because success always includes the other

The friend, the boss or the brother

Whether church, the club or the den

The human relationship important has been,

The comfort in knowing that someone is there,

The happiness you get in a family that cares,

Human kind recognizes a brotherhood

In a society working to increase the good!


  1. I really like this poem, you did a really good job writing it!

    -Christina Brooke

  2. i really like this poem. i think it describes the nature of Social Capital.

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  4. This poem is fantastic. You did a really great job. I think you should get it published!